Comment below and get free admission to Art in the Streets Mondays

Actually, in all honesty, admission to the Geffen’s Art in the Streets is free every Monday thanks to a donation by Banksy, a street artist whose ability to garner publicity never ceases to amaze and impress this blogger. So this Monday, I set out with a couple of friends to take advantage of Banksy’s largess. The exhibit was larger than I’d thought it would be and it was crowded enough that there was a line at the gift shop and a guard monitoring admission. (I bought nothing. I might have considered a skullphone tee-shirt even at the rockstar prices, but they had no girl cuts.) But I digress. The exhibit itself was really great.
It spanned everything from early tagging on train cars by railroad employees to LA car art to reconstructed cityscapes complete with animitronic taggers and a dummy homeless guy sleeping in a doorway. All it lacked was the urine smell. (This is not a suggestion, MoCA–just an observation.) The exhibit runs through August 8, and I hope I’m able to get back to see it again before it goes. Do note: Art in the Streets is at the Geffen, not at MoCA’s Grand Street location. Also note, you can easily take the metro. The Gold Line stops just a couple of blocks from the front door.

Highlights from the exhibit after the jump.

When: Now through August 8
Click here for hours and more information
What: Art in the Streets Exhibit
Where: The Geffen Contemporary at MoCA, 152 North Central Avenue, LA 90013
How Much: Free on Mondays, $10 other times

5 thoughts on “Comment below and get free admission to Art in the Streets Mondays”

  1. Had a conversation about the exhibit today with a friend (we went on different days to the exhibit) and she had the same reaction I did. Half way through the exhibit we were both ready to leave and sit in a garden. We were overstimulated.

    It could have been because it was a full house at the museum and trying to get through the exhibit in one day. I may try to go another day and see part of it. I did enjoy the photographs in the exhibit.

    Travis, your photographs highlight some of the best of the exhibit.

  2. This looks soo awesome i would love to see this especially see some of banksy’s work in person. it almost looks overwhelming because of the amount of work. it is really cool to see street art being recognized as an acual art form.

  3. Hey Trustin and S. Erin, you both can go for free on Mondays. Banksy gave money to MoCA to make the exhibit at the Geffen free for everyone on Mondays. Have at it!

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