No 4th of July Fireworks for Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey 4th of July
Marina del Rey 4th of July reveler from apparently cash flush 2009

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors (see top link under “News and Press Releases”), “[t]here will be no fireworks display this year in Marina del Rey in celebration of Independence Day on Monday, July 4, 2011 due to budget curtailments.” That has got to be a big disappointment not just to locals who enjoy the big fireworks show from the Marina Boat Channel, Burton Chace Park, Venice Beach, and Playa del Rey, but also to many other Angelenos who braved the local driving and parking nightmares in previous years to see it too.

While money is obviously tight in L.A. County as elsewhere, and there are many important and competing interests for those tax dollars, it seems pathetic that we can’t even come up with the money to celebrate our nation’s freakin’ founding. The two comments to this article in The Argonaut regarding the fireworks cancellation are apropos. The first commenter asks whether there are any attempts by local residents and businesses to come up with the funds. The second commenter inquires, “[h]ow much are they saving canceling the fireworks show considering the loss of buisness and taxes that day?”

My thoughts exactly.

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  1. Completely agree.. it’s complete bs. The Marina has got to be losing at least $500,000 that day which would translate to $40K in sales tax. Just another example of the pillaging of Marina del Rey.

  2. No fireworks on the 4th of July this year is very disappointing. If they want to cut the budget somewhere … LEAVE our fireworks alone and do away with wellfare!!!

  3. I love those fireworks, and this is absolutely messing with my annual traditions, but I get it, they need to cut back, and it’s their call.
    Let’s stop acting like the world owes us a free fireworks display.

  4. God Bless our Nations Founders for what they did for our country and God Damn those that see it as an easily rid budget item.

  5. All the development projects, and all of the taxes we pay and they can’t come up with a lousy firework show? I’ve lived here nearly 20 years and this never happened before. We always go out of town and the year we want to SRAYasst and invite friends, there is no show. So lame.

  6. Right no money. Where is all the new found tax money that Play Vista brings in. This project was shoved down our throat by Steve Soboroff and now he is working for Frank Mccourt. Why doesn’t he pay for the fireworks show from his extra whoring he does stopping majority rule. Look at the congestion he added to our streets. The fireworks show is the one time I am happy to put up with congestion.

  7. SOOO disappointed. This has been an annual tradition for my family for years, and now that my son is old enough to not be scared of fireworks, they are cancelled. I would understand cancelling them if the reason of “cutting costs” even made sense. I won’t beat a dead horse since its been said already, but there are no fireworks displays that are as quality as MDR’s. Why not cut someone elses….? I honestly think that if it had been an option, this community would have come together to raise the funds to continue the tradition. What a shame.

  8. Yup i’m sure the business owners in the area don’t appreciate it much. Any how the Aquarium in long beach is offering special rates after 5 pm. They’ll have bbq and you can see the queen mary firework show. Or you can take the kids and go to the queen mary they’ll have kids stuff as well. Take you money where the fun is. It’ll be quite in venice and MDR this weekend.

  9. I have been waiting for these fireworks and now I’m trying to find a place so I can see the fireworks

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