Get to the Hollywood Fringe this week!

I’ve spent the past few evenings at the Hollywood Fringe festival, which is happening at theatres and stages all over Hollywood.  Fringe Theatre Festivals have a special place in my heart – I used to be involved in running one when I was in college, and I think the format of Fringe Festivals allows for a lot of innovative and creative work to get staged that might not otherwise be seen.  The other night, I saw Headscarf and the Angry Bitch, which was a cute, funny, if somewhat earnest, musical take on being a Muslim woman in the U.S.  I also saw Of People and Not Things (and in the interests of full disclosure – the writer of this play is a friend, so I am somewhat predisposed to liking it) which takes the idea of a bad breakup being the end of the world to its literal extreme, through two moving, extended monologues from the two involved parties.   And later tonight I’m checking out a late staging of Freakshow Deluxe.  I’ve got tickets for a few shows later this week, as well – Girl Band in the Boys Room and Our Lady of 121st Street, both of which I’m looking forward to!  And I’ll probably try to squeeze in a few more shows, too – one of the great things about Fringe is that it makes it easy to see lots of shows and performers relatively cheaply.

Some Fringe Freaks, the mascots of the Hollywood Fringe!

Fringe Festivals are, by definition, open and unjudicated, which means anyone with a show can potentially get in and stage their show.  On hand, this is part of the reason why the Fringe can be so exciting and cool; on the other hand, it means that sometimes the shows are a bit hit and miss, and it can be hard to tell from the program what’s worth checking out or not.  So, if you’ve been out to the festival, please let us know in the comments if you’ve seen shows that you recommend!  The performers, who have to absorb a lot of the costs of staging their shows, always appreciate a shout-out.

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  1. I want to invite you to my show that has two more dates: Wednesday night at 6:30pm and Sat at 1:30pm. We are at Fringe Central’s Mainstage and it’s a wonderful show in 45mins. Email me for your VIP passes. Besos!


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