LAFD: Right On!

I just want to take a moment to exploit this public forum to send out some very personal gratitude to the LAFD’s emergency responders.

Thankfully, it was only water spurting out under high pressure this morning and not blood, but the intrepid (and so handsome!) dudes appeared in a jiffy and had the situation under control in short order.

Did I mention they were gorgeous? And that after battling the water I looked like a drowned rat?

Oh and before you downgrade my IQ by 50 points you should know that They couldn’t find the water shutoff to the house either.

In fact, now that daylight is upon us and calm is restored, I’d really like to know where that shutoff is….

(and PS, kids: if you’re gonna sleep naked, maybe have some clothes in your handy emergency kit. Just sayin.)

2 thoughts on “LAFD: Right On!”

  1. Hope all is well now. I learned after Northridge to always keep shoes and clothes next to the bed at night…no one needs to see me running panic stricken in my undies.

  2. From personal experience, water shut-offs can prove elusive. While installing a new water heater a few years ago I discovered the shutoff on the side of the house wasn’t capable of fully shutting off the water (and thus needed replacing). In the meantime, the back-up plan was to shut off the H2O from the entry point on the property and a frustrating half-hour was spent with the plumber and me scratching our heads and poking around the parkway until we located the curbside shutoff in front of our house, completely covered with dirt and overgrown with foliage.

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