We (the Collective “We”) Won LA Weekly’s “Best Comment Thread” Award

Everyone, pat your great selves on the backs: I just found out over the weekend that our “5 Worst Trader Joe’s Parking Lots” post won LA Weekly‘s “Best Comment Thread” Web Award last week.  Over one hundred comments registered on the post, with most of you sharing your war stories, parking tips, and suggestions for alternate stores with better parking.  For all of you pissed off Angelenos who had enough of these damned parking lots and chimed in, thanks.  And great job.

4 thoughts on “We (the Collective “We”) Won LA Weekly’s “Best Comment Thread” Award”

  1. I have the privilege of visiting a TJ (in suburbia, natch) with perfect parking. Every time I pull RIGHT into a spot (no circling, no hunting, etc.), I think of that epic thread, and LOL.

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