Because It’s Not Everyday You See Kent Twitchell Working Out There

June 12, 2011 at 3:21 pm in Art, Celebrity, History, Hollywood, LA, People

Coming back from the Hollywood Home Depot yesterday afternoon, my wife Susan and I opted for surface streets back to Silver Lake instead of the backed-up southbound 101, and boy am I glad we did. Heading east on Fountain I looked south as we passed Kingsley Drive to find none other than renowned and prolific muralist Kent Twitchell doing some touch-up refreshment work to his 1971 Strother Martin Monument mural. With Susan understanding my OMG as we went around the block to pull up across the street from him, I got out and went pretty much total fanboy, interrupting him apologetically to gush about what an honor it was for me to see him in action, and get a picture of him:

Twitchell At Work

I asked him if there was any hope of restoring the Ed Ruscha mural that had been despicably painted out in 2006 (and for which he ultimately settled a lawsuit in 2008 for a reported $1.1 million). He said he hoped for its return but that it would be put up in a different location.

The one mural of his also unceremoniously destroyed whose return I’ve long hoped for is his two-story cool-as-ice-blue Steve McQueen Monument, painted the same year as the one above.

Steve McQueen MonumentI first found it during the inaugural LA Marathon Bike Tour in 1995 when I looked up while pedaling hard south on Union Avenue approaching 12th Street and did a double-take at something so awesome and unexpected. Sometime around 2001, it was accidentally painted out and I’ve mourned its loss since.

So when I asked if it might ever be revived you can perhaps understand how ecstatic I became when he matter-of-factly told me that it was already back and only needed a “day or two more” until it was complete.

So of course, after enjoying the thrilltastic rollercoasticiousness that is “Super 8″ at the Regal Cinemas this morning, Susan and I drove over to Union and 12th and boy was Steve’s brand new piercing gaze (as seen at right) a site for sore eyes (click to enlargify).


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