More Love. More Exposure. Sion Sono Appearing in LA This Weekend

Love ExposureAs you might recall, I was pretty excited about the prospect of breaking my ass-bone for four long hours back in May to experience the epic splendor that was Love Exposure. The Silent Movie theater is not a venue for the faint of heart, and even less so when it involves a four-hour long movie. But having seen it, and suffered the possibly permanent ill-effects on my ass and lower back as a result, I’m here to say that those of you who missed your shot during the week-long engagement in May were – ahem – fucking up.

But alas, we live in a very provident universe, and you have another opportunity to pay $10 for the opportunity to wage war on your gluteal muscles. Next Saturday, the 11th of June at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Love Exposure will play once more at the Silent Movie theater courtesy of the fine folks over at Cinefamily. And get this – writer-director-madmanĀ Sion Sono will be there in person.

It couldn’t possibly get any better than that, now could it?? Ha – you’re wrong there, too. Not only will Sion Sono be there for the encore screening of Love Exposure, he will be there for screenings of not one, not two, but three other insane films full of homicidal Japanese schoolgirls, psychopaths, and magical demon hair.The festivities kick off with a free (gratis!) showing of his newest release, Cold Fish, at 8pm on Friday. That will be followed by an 11:59 showing of Hair Extensions for the low one-time fee of $10.

Following the Saturday afternoon showing of Love Exposure (I refer you here back to paragraph 2), the weekend of wonder will come to a close with a screening of Noriko’s Dinner Table. This showing, too, is just $10. You can’t afford not to go.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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