Life as Art: The Brothers Behind Lightning in A Bottle and The DoLaB

The Flemming Bros.One of the crazy joys of living in LA is the amazing characters you run into on a regular basis.  Case in point:  The Flemming Brothers: Jesse, Jason and DeDe.  They are the creative genius behind The Do LaB, which hosts a myriad of events around our fair city and Southern California.  They’re probably most famous for Lightning in a Bottle, which will be rocking for three days next weekend in Santiago at Oak Canyon Ranch.  You can groove to some really great and truly eclectic music, see some amazing art and installations and in general have a crazy fun time.
I recently got the chance to talk to the three brothers together at their place in Venice. To say I was inspired, is an understatement. They give new meaning to living their dream: Creating rad art, finding amazing music and sharing it with the world. They’ve even created an art foundation called, The Do Art Foundation to help foster new artists and to turn kids on to art.

It all started 10 years ago when Jesse moved out West from small town Pennslyvania. His brothers Josh and Dede soon followed.
Lightning in a Bottle has it’s roots in a small birthday party they used to throw for themselves (Jesse and Josh are twins). Every year the party got bigger and bigger until in 2004 it was a one night event that 700 people showed up for.
After 2004, they made it into a bona fide music festival and in 2006, held it in Live Oak Park near Santa Ynez, where it became a 3 day event with 4500 or so participants.
Last year they moved it to Oak Canyon Ranch and by then, their numbers grew to around 7000 art seekers.
I’ve been to at least five of their events and all I can say is…it’s a really fabulous time. They all have a great eye for art and create really cool structures (if you’ve been to Coachella, you know some of their tents and areas).
Every year I camp with my friends and end up meeting lots of new ones. Every year I dance to some old faves in the music department and discover someone new who blows my mind. Every year I hear a lecture that really enlightens me.
And it all came about because these three groovy guys living in Venice combined their familial talent to create The Do LaB. They brainstormed to make cool art installations with their friends (and now legions of crafty volunteers) and to discover great beats and in general make their life as an on going art piece.
It works. And the LA is a cooler place because of them!

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  1. The Flemming bros rock! Lightning in a Bottle is one of the best art & music festivals in the country. If you’ve never been, you need to get your tickets now and go! You’ll never miss it again.

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