Its not an apology, but what happened?

Former Chief William J Bratton speaks up on the events from his perspective regarding the May Day incident in Macarthur Park.  I must have missed the news that day, but what happened?  I’d love to see a video if anyone has to share.

Don’t you love all the local PD and FD jumping in on the Social Media bandwagon to keep us informed and engaged?

5 thoughts on “Its not an apology, but what happened?”

  1. Lights on in your head, dude!!

    100 times on the blackboard: “Charlie Beck’s been the Chief of Police since November 2009.”

    Seriously, does your editor know how ignorant you are?

  2. The first words of the post were “Former Chief William J. Bratton”. “Former” means “not currently”, “no longer”, etc. That seemed perfectly clear to me.

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