See Usher with Akon and Tinie Tempah For FREE

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That’s right kids, Wednesday June 1st, Usher will be doing his thing at the Staples Center here in LA and I have a FREE pair of tickets to give away. But I refuse to just give it to anyone. I want to make sure the person who gets to go is a true fan.

This is a 2 part process, so pay attention.

First, in one of Usher’s first singles, he states “I tried, I tried to fight it but…..”
But what??
(This really isn’t that difficult)

Last, I want you to tell me why you should go over the others who answer correctly.

You all have 1 week to submit your answers/reasons in the comments section. I will announce the winner Wednesday May 25.

And now, to get you in the mood, here is a little Usher mashup from DJs From Mars via the Bootie Mashup gang.

Make sure your account is linked to an email address or I can’t tell you you’ve won!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “See Usher with Akon and Tinie Tempah For FREE”

  1. …the feeling’s just too strong

    Wining these tickets would make for a great date night, for my wife and I. Our daughter was born a few months ago so we’d appreciate a night of hearing fans screaming loudly rather than baby Julie.

  2. I can’t enter, but Edgar made me laugh. Been there done that and should I warn him that the whining never ends, just changes into verbage and new rants when they become teens.

  3. 1. the feeling’s just too strong

    2. I’m banking on the fact that a black hole will open up on the middle of Staples Center and Swedish House Mafia will appear from its depths and perform “Miami 2 Ibiza” with Tinie Tempah and kids will start rolling face all over the place. After all it is LA, this stuff can happen if backed by the right promoter.

  4. Part 1: I tried, I tried to fight it but the Feelings just too strong.
    From: “You make me wanna”

    Part 2: I would really like to go because I am the biggest Usher fan in the world. Usher is my soon-to-be baby daddy. But Primarily because my friend comes back from Iraq in this summer and we used to sing “Pro Lover” everyday for like 3 months till she was deployed in November of last year. It would mean a lot to both of us, if you choose me…sigh

  5. the next part of the missing verse is “but the feelings just too strong”
    its from his song, you make me wanna.
    first off, i just moved to los angeles area and have not ever been to any concert with main stream artists, just local ones from my hometown. winning these free tickets would not only fulfill my dream, but also because i’ve been a huge fan of usher since i could walk and know all his songs. if i get these tickets i would be greatly beyond appreciated and i want to win sooooo bad! hes one of my biggest inspirations, and idol and this would really make me the happiest person ever!!! i should win because i havent been to a concert and this is something i want more than anything, i would be most appreciative and it would be life changing. thanks for the opportunity

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