3B Show Brings Art To The Movie Nerd World

Jennifer, Back To The Future, Painting
Courtesy of SamCarterArt.com and available at the show.

What happens when movie nerds and the ability to paint form into some super movie artist nerd? Excellent things. Like the 3B Art Show at Gallery 1988 in Venice. 3B showcases pop art based on the movies Back To The Future, Beetlejuice and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey. A similar show was held last year titled 3G (Goonies, Gremlins and Ghostbusters) in which Ernie Hudson showed up opening night in Ecto 1. While there were no stars at the show, there were 2 Delorian time machines, pre and post Mr. Fusion (In the same space-time continuum?? This is heavy). It was awesome.

As far as the art in concerned, it was really amazing to see what some of these artists came up with. (My friend Sam Carter created the pinup of Jennifer from Back To The Future you see to the right) A lot of the art wasn’t what you would expect. I really enjoyed that the artists pulled a lot of scenes and characters that don’t initially come to mind, then when you see it……”Great Scott! I forgot that was in the movie!” I’ve included a few pictures that I took opening night and you can see all the art on the 3B site, but you should really go check it out in person. The site just doesn’t do some of them justice.