Save King Dave Fundraiser: Good music for a good cause

What are you doing this Saturday? What if I told you you could hear some great music, go to an art auction and a rummage sale, eat good food, meet interesting people, and possibly save a life while you were at it? Some friends of mine have put together a fundraiser to help pay for Dave Melrose’s cancer treatments (more information on the treatments here). It’s an all-day event in Altadena (noon until midnight) and the entertainment includes, among many others–Jack Black doing, according to the Facebook page for the event, a Black Sabbath tribute(!); and Dos, a band consisting solely of two of the best bassists ever–Kira Roessler (of Blag Flag fame) and Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, etc.). For the complete schedule look here. What I know is this, the people putting on this thing are dedicated and creative. There will be some great art for auction and the “rummage” at their sale will be far superior to most rummage. Yes, it’s in Altadena, but it’s $20 for the whole day and how often do you get to say you spent your Saturday saving a life?

When: Saturday 14 May 2011–noon to midnight
Where: 711 W. Woodbury Road, Altadena, CA 91001
How much: $20 suggested donation
RSVP: Facebook

One thought on “Save King Dave Fundraiser: Good music for a good cause”

  1. Good luck with the launch, best wishes to Dave and if I lived anywhere but across the country I would be thrilled to show up and support you. If I wasn’t living in a pile of trash and buying gasoline with pennies, I’d contribute.

    Nice work involving your journal in a good cause like that. You deserve success now.


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