The most visually stunning jello in town!

I feel like Downey is probably one of the unsung corners of Los Angeles county.  It is chock full of modest awesomeness:  there are those apartment buildings that used to belong to the Carpenters; there’s the world’s oldest McDonald’s (please note that I am not advocating eating at the world’s oldest McDonald’s – but it’s worth a stop for the retro signage and for the surprisingly humble and ramshackle McDonald’s museum that’s attached for it); there’s the absolutely gorgeous, restored, award-winning Bob’s Big Boy; and there’s Porto’s, where all your Cuban baked good-related dreams can come true.  And, at 7420 Florence Avenue, there is Amapola Market, where all of my jello-related dreams recently came true.

Still life with tulips, robot, jello

Amapola is a Mexican grocery store and deli, and they have an amazing deli counter full of delicious carnitas and tamales, and a bakery that makes scrumptious pan dulce.  But, given my personal predilection for food that a) is kind of weird and b) looks like it comes from outer space,  I am most drawn to their absolutely beautiful jello molds, which are sparkling, jewel-like creations that put the jellied salads of 1950s housewives to shame.  Just look at this!  This is not just dessert.  This, my friends, is art.  Also, this was only $9.95, which, frankly, is an extremely small price to pay for the amount of joy it brought into my life.  They will also take special orders, making it easy to coordinate the colors of one’s jello mold with the colors of one’s outfit.

There are two more Amapola locations, in Compton and in Paramount, but I haven’t been so I don’t know if they also do jello.  If you’ve been to either, feel free to report in in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The most visually stunning jello in town!”

  1. That really is the most beautiful Jello I’ve ever seen! Such a random shot of the day though!

  2. What an interesting business model that must be. Arty jello for consumption of the masses. I haven’t had that stuff since I was at my grandmothers table as a kid.

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