ToDo: Storytime

Echo Park Stories & EnchiladasShould you either be an Echo Park-area resident or find yourself in the vicinity looking for something unique to do tonight, there’s a great fundraiser happening between 4 – 8 p.m.  for/at Elysian Heights Elementary School (1562 Baxter Street) put together by the Echo Park Improvement Association and the Friends of Elysian Heights that will feature somewhere around a score of storytellers sharing their Echo Park experiences.

But be warned: I’m one of the regalers who’ll fight off my public speaking phobia to mount the auditorium stage and share with the assemblage a personal tale from waaaaay back when I was but a lad of 15 that for wont of a better title I call “How Not To Eat A Tamale.”

The event, which will also include live music, a kids’ art showcase and silent auction, is free; the enchilada plates are $5 and proceeds go to cultivating the Elysian Heights Elementary School garden.