Wanna be in a Weird Al Yankovic video?

weird al yankovic
Weird Al in concert

Time is running out fast but here’s the deets.  If you are a male 25-45 (that’s what they are looking for in particular but will consider anyone) and want to play the role of paparazzi in a Weird Al video you need to get moving.  All you need to do is send them a picture of yourself holding a “professional looking camera” (my guess a DSLR).  Send that pic to [email protected] along with your contact info.  They have no deadline, but say that the earlier you get it to them the better as they are shooting on May 15 for release in June.  Weird Al’s blog has all the details HERE.

Now I wish I had a pic of me with my DSLR as this would be a fun adventure to add to my bucket list of things done.

Pic by computer_saskboy on flickr and used under a creative commons license.  Link to him HERE..

4 thoughts on “Wanna be in a Weird Al Yankovic video?”

  1. Are you kidding? Because I recall a photo – admittedly quite old – of you holding a camera. Plus I could always take one of you tomorrow if you bring such an item.

    1. Thanks..we may do that, Dave Share has a smallish photo I am using to make sure I get in before they close it up.

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