Uncle Jer’s Closing

Driving down Sunset today (I got the Sad Foot, by the way, and indeed:), I saw that Uncle Jer’s, that little shop of curiousities and knicknacks and randomness across the street from the Vista Theater, was having an “End of an Era” sale.  I got home and checked: yup, sadly, Uncle Jer’s will be closing after 10 years.  Owners Rob and Cassandra simply say they want to spend more time with their two young sons and so it was time to move on.  There is a storewide 20% clearance sale from now until they close their doors at the end of the month.  They plan to have some sort of online presence after they close the shop, but those are tentative for now.

Sorry to see this little shop go – it was always such a delightful way to kill some time before catching a movie across the street.  Oh, sad foot.

Photo courtesy Lush Bunny and used under a Creative Commons license.

4 thoughts on “Uncle Jer’s Closing”

  1. Sad Foot Squared.

    I heard about this last week and was very bummed. Uncle Jer’s was one of the very first things I saw when I moved to LA in 1982.

    1. Actually, Uncle Jer’s wasn’t there in 1982; it was actually the location of a Le Sex Shoppe until the late 1980’s. (I remember going there with a friend when I turned 18 in 1989.) I think it closed in the early 1990’s and became Uncle Jer’s.

  2. My first reaction was “Didn’t it close once already?” I guess that was a whole 10 years ago when Uncle Jer cleared everything out of the store at a huge discount and looking very sad. Kind of amazing they kept it going so long after that. Didn’t these most recent owners also have Uncle Jer’s locations in other cities at some point?

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