Am I the only one not offended by a Pink Donkey?

May 6, 2011 at 12:35 pm in Entertainment, LA, News, West Side

NBCLA reports animal activists are upset with the promo for what is reportedly a new taco joint in Culver City set to open in June.  “Pink Taco’s” painted a donkey pink and paraded it around the city and made this video as part of their marketing.  I’m really not offended by it but do get it that some were.  I’m actually more surprised by the gratuitous inclusion of little people flopping about in the video than I am of the painted donkey.  Paint washes off after all.  (Sorry I have no snazzy photo and the video won’t embed for some reason).

What say you on the painted donkey?  On the double entendre of Pink Taco, better name for a food joint or a strip joint?

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