The Feast at Sunday’s Cochon 555

One of several pigs' heads.
The point is, it would be great if we knew where our food comes from, and how it got onto our plate.

Oh dear piggies.  Tasted quite delicious.  Cochon 555’s inaugural Los Angeles event on Sunday feasted and feted all things pork, with five heritage pigs prepared head to curly tail by five fine chefs in a friendly competition dedicated to educating the (monied) public about sustainable farming practices and the wonders of the resulting pork.  Ah, if only industrialized factory farming could fall out of favor!  In the end, Mozza’s Chad Colby won with his assorted cold and hot porky plates won, sending the other four chefs up the swiney river.  Eater LA has a nice recap of what went on in the judging room.

For those who missed the sold-out event, there will be an All-Star competition on July 24th at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, with ten chefs and four “star butchers” (because I guess that’s a thing now) who, between the 14 of them, will prepare 14 different heritage breed pigs.  Tickets are available now ($150 general admission/$200 VIP).  If there was ever a time to show a client a great time on your boss’s dime, this would be it.  Most people I talked to at the event on Sunday completely thought it was worth the price of admission, if that kind of money is a drop in the bucket for you; these are, after all, high quality ingredients prepared by pretty great chefs.  One day, young grasshopper, McDonald’s will demand that all its meat come from farms that sustainably and humanely raise its animals and, on that day, things will change and quality meat will be accessible to most.  For our sake, though, I hope events like this convince the public before McDonald’s does.

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