Has anyone seen a Papaya King truck?

An adorable future hot dog. Photo by Flickr usr be_khe.

I saw one a day or so ago, in Hollywood, and was baffled, because I hadn’t yet heard the news that the famed NYC hot dog merchant was opening up a restaurant here in town. Now I wish I had snapped a picture, but alas, my phone sucks anyway. A quick tl;dr for those too lazy to click the link: There’s a Papaya King opening up in Hollywood later this year, and they’re starting the party early by tooling around town in a food truck.

As a fan of mechanically-separated beef and pork sausages this excites me; as a native Philadelphian who thinks LA kicks NYC’s ass in every possible regard while barely breaking a sweat (sorry, Travis), I’m a little dismayed. What, Pink’s extra-salty tube steaks don’t satisfy anymore? Skooby’s can’t slake your thirst for hot, glistening wieners? A thick, hot, West Hollywood-style pork dachshund slapped between two warm and willing buns at the Sunset StripĀ Carney’s just doesn’t do it for you anymore? Fine, LA. Turn to the New Yorkers. See if I care.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll try it and I’ll probably like it. Unless the casing is thick. My girlfriend is a New Jerseyan who thinks that hot dogs are best when they snap when you bite them. She is beautiful, and I love her, but she is woefully wrong. We’ll see how these Papaya people measure up.

So, anyone seen the truck? Readers with pics of the truck can post links, or give me permission and I’ll post one here.

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  1. I had the hot dog from the truck yesterday. It is delicious. Casing not too thick and the dog’s full of flavor.

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