It Caught My Eye: Beautify the Mundane

I spotted “Beautify the Mundane” written into a chainlink fence on my way to coffee at Sabor y Cultura up near Hollywood and Western, and it made me smile.  It’s written on the fence around a Project Angel Food community garden.  And while I totally concur that we should beautify the mundane, I would add an addendum:  we should also try to find beauty in the mundane.  I’m always trying to explain to people that I can’t see Los Angeles as the concrete wasteland that it has an unfortunate and unfair reputation for being; and that even if it is, I think there’s beauty to be found in cracks in the concrete.

So anyhow – it’s spring and the jacarandas are blooming on my block, and they’ve inspired me to try to be less cynical, so help me out and let me know:  what do you think are the most under-appreciated and beautiful places in Los Angeles?

And a shout out, too, to Project Angel Food – I don’t know if they’re responsible for the writing on the fence (I assume they probably are), but they’re a group that definitely helps make the city more beautiful, by providing meals to AIDS and HIV patients all over the LA region.


2 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Beautify the Mundane”

  1. You know, I was walking home from SyC last week and had the same thoughts. Hollywood can be really beautiful if you approach it with the right mindset. This is a great post — thanks for making it.

  2. I never have to look hard to find majesty in our misbegotten river. It’s easy to ignore or dismiss it flying by in a car, but get down in, on, or beside it and even at its least appealing there is always more than meets the eye.

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