Pure Luck Closing?

BBQ Sammich at Pure Luck (w/ Potato Pals)

I just heard something horrible. Apparently Pure Luck has been sold and will be shutting down and reopening as a wine bar sometime in the next month. I just called to try and confirm this but there was no answer, but the tip off I got seemed pretty legit. This is terribly sad because Pure Luck has become legendary in the vegan restaurant world and I know more than a handful of people who make it their first stop when they visit LA, and it’s probably the restaurant I’ve eaten at more than any other in the entire city. The thing that bums me out is that it’s obviously a very popular place and while I understand as a business owner sometimes you just need to move on, I can’t believe that someone wouldn’t have wanted to take over the existing business. The following that place has is dedicated, and that won’t translate to a new establishment. Such a bummer if it’s true.

So, if you want potato pals or plantain tacos, you better get over there ASAP.

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  1. I hope you’re wrong.

    I’m less a visitor these days but used to eat there 3x a week, and the people and food here were a big part of my life. Would be a true shame if Ben decided to sell the place.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Pure Luck for several years and just recently moved from Burbank to within walking distance. It CANNOT close.

    Sad Carol Elaine is very sad.

  3. They’re not shutting down, they’re just trying to get some hype going about their restaurant. They’re changing, but the vegan food will still be there.

  4. Listen here, rumor mill, but “tip-offs” are hardly concrete evidence of anything. Only the people the person that owns Pureluck knows whats going on, and trust me it’s not much. Pureluck HAS NOT BEEN SOLD. This is some piss poor “reporting” and if people listen to it, I may be out of a job because people will stop coming in and I wont have anyone to cook for. So thanks for a lot of nothing.

    1. Seems as if something is going on and you weren’t told. Don’t get your britches in a twist since your boss doesn’t tell you anything.

    2. In my experience, when awesome popular restaurants are closing, they tend to be busiest in their final days, anyway. People want to get in and enjoy their fave dishes before they can’t anymore.

  5. This better not be true! Pure Luck is my fav vegan place in LA and I regularly make the trek up there from south bay. Hell, I’d be willing to buy the business (and keep it exactly as it is) if the owner was looking to sell.

  6. Have also heard from a very reputable source that Sean’s hearsay is true.

    The building Pure Luck is in (not owned by Pure Luck) is in escrow and will turn into a wine bar if this goes through.

    1. If I was to make an educated guess, It looks as if they are losing their lease (or they could be getting raped on their lease) and there is no good reason for them not open up again at a different location.

  7. A fucking wine bar. A motherfucking wine bar. I’m going to look forward to the day spa that comes in after the wine bar closes in six months.

  8. I talked to Pure Luck owner Ben Ling in late April and he told me they were planning to move across the street to the Pizza Paul’s storefront in the near future. He is also preparing to apply for the proper City permits. So consider it a hiatus rather than a closing.

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