Valley Ready to Party Like it’s 1775

A wedding is happening. A big wedding. No, bigger than yours, and anyone else you’ve ever known. This wedding is ROYAL. This bride and groom is better than you.

Some kid named Will is going to say “I do” to some girl named Kate. Are you paying attention? Turn on the television. Any channel. There it is. Wall-to-wall-to-wall-to-wall-coverage. Journalists, bloggers, Mario Lopezes are falling all over themselves here and across the pond, gushing about pomp and circumstance. Or ceremony. Or whatever. What will they wear? Who will be there? How will she do her hair? Every single detail being examined as if by Birthers on a mission.

None of you are invited. But, luckily enough, you can pretend to live out this fairytale fantasy – right here in the San Fernando Valley. The Valley!

The affair is one of today’s top stories on the Los Angeles Daily News. They take a hard inside look at local celebrations of the far far away nuptials to come:

Golriz Moeini, co-owner of the White Harte Pub in Woodland Hills. “All of us are so stressed with natural disasters and wars. This is one happy thing that we have.”

What started out as a small get-together for Moeini’s friends has now turned into a royal wedding extravaganza complete with a live band, champagne and wedding cake. Guests are required to don wedding attire. That means jackets for the men and dresses for the ladies. And there might be a seating chart in one section.

I’m sure that some will argue with me about what a historic moment this is. A real-life prince making a commoner a real-life princess! It’s a storybook wedding!

Have fun with that. I’m sure the 217,000 men that died during the American Revolution won’t mind a bit.

One thought on “Valley Ready to Party Like it’s 1775”

  1. The main cricket fields are in the Valley, so it would make sense that Brits might congregate there. With Brit Week already here
    AND one of the original copies of the Magna Carta has been loaned to LACMA for viewing from April 26th to May 5th:

    and as far as the wedding? I think it’s more a career choice for her and playing safe for him. If there’s love there, so much the better but honesty and trust last longer.

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