Dude Where’s My Keys: The Coachella Aftermath

So Coachella… If the lost and found sections of their website are any indication, you all had a great time. Pictures upon pictures of lost keys and phones, like rows of tombstones in the sobriety graveyard. Best music festival no one can remember ever.

I worry about you people. I hope you got home okay.

So if you can’t find your keys, phone, camera, or bag, you should log onto the Coachella site and see if they’ve got it. There are instructions onsite for how to retrieve your belongings. Your dignity, on the other hand… you’re on your own there.

7 thoughts on “Dude Where’s My Keys: The Coachella Aftermath”

  1. Lesson here–Blackberry owners got messed up at Coachella. And whoever owned the phone at the top right was probably looking for an excuse to upgrade!

  2. Ah no, Evan, there are plenty of iPhone pix onsite too, along with dead Samsungs, broken phones and so on. It’s really a funny collection of pictures. It’s functioned as a pretty decent schadenfreude source for me today.

  3. I pity those that lost their car keys. Absent a spare at home its a very expensive reprogramming of computerized ignitions etc that are dependent upon the radio chip in the key. Can be upwards of $500-800 depending on the year and model of car involved. Yikes.

  4. Are there just a bunch of cars sitting around Indio now? Because I think I’m missing the keys to my Audi. Also, I’m missing a Audi.

  5. so goes the story, it’s not that blackberry people loses their phone more easily…
    It’s just that any iPhones lost at Coachella now has a new owner. =D

  6. Thank gawd for time stamps, it appears LA Weekly has ripped your post off with one nearly the same and it went up just before 4pm. You are ever the fast one!

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