LA Celebrates 420 Day!

Yes kids, it’s that day again. April 20th. The day cannabis imbibers all over the world celebrate the new ‘Cannabis Culture’ that is sweeping through our nation.

From it’s humble beginnings back in the 70’s, the date of April 20th has grown into a world wide holiday to celebrate all that’s good about Cannabis. It’s reputed that 420 was the time and secret code that a group of high school stoners in Pt. Reyes, CA used to plan meet-ups to search of a secret cache of marijuana growing on the coast. They never found it, but now, all over the world cannabis lovers use the day and number to celebrate their love for the miraculous qualities of their beloved Marijuana.

Here in Los Angeles, a number of dispensaries are celebrating with heavy discounts on products, free food and lots of samples.
In Hollywood, one of the biggest and best collectives in town, ‘Kushmart’ on Selma, just past Cahuenga, is having a huge raffle all day and the prize is a 5 oz of several of their top shelf meds. Wow! Can’t beat that for gratitude and support of their patients! They are also giving lots of meds out at 50% off. If you check them out, don’t miss the Ganja Goddess Brownies and Gingerbread. They are seriously the bomb. Not to be missed and famous for their healing strength and amazing yummy taste!
Starbudz on Lankershim in Noho, is another collective that has great meds and is offering specials for 420. Go in and ask about their 420 specials and Angela will hook you up.

Anyway, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you can find deals galore just about anywhere in Los Angeles today. Luckily, we live in one of the most patient friendly cities in the world!

7 thoughts on “LA Celebrates 420 Day!”

  1. Seems to me that legitimate medical dispensaries wouldn’t want to associate themselves with the negative stoner and sometimes image of 4/20.

  2. You might think that, but it seems the culture is evolving and ‘420’ now represents a new birth and evolution of consciousness. It’s all about healing, the green economy and a more compassionate look at how we live.

  3. If we now have a Kushmart, it’s officially time to monetize, legalize & tax this Great Dane.

  4. Evan raises a good point there are a lot of folks still who have a negative association with the whole 420 thingy. I don’t think that we are at the point yet where they can afford to associate with it as there are many who see these stores as simply condoned outlets for recreational use. Why give the negs out there a reason to get riled? I really think their efforts need to continue to provide info on the good medical marijuana does in order to win more folks over. (I’m a huge supporter of medical marijuana so you know where I am coming from).

  5. I think it’s become just a national day of celebration around the herb. And around the positive benefits of it in our culture. Rather than ignore the celebration, I think the collectives simply wanted to acknowledge it and support it with their patients.

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