ZOMG CA Highway 39 reopens to Crystal Lake

Numerous twisties in the upper section of Highway39 in the San Gabriels.

If you have a car made for carving up the twisties in the mountains one of my favorite stretches in the area has reopened up to Crystal Lake.  Yup, CA Highway 39 that has been closed for the last 9 years has reopened, and that includes the sorta famous campground snack bar and its Chili.

I just got back after spending a couple of hours up there carving up the curves, gas prices be damned, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Of course once you are up there stop and enjoy the view as well as the snow melting around you…yes you are that high up.

CA Highway 39 runs through the eastern metro area and has several names.  The important name in our area is Azusa Avenue with exits off the 10 and 210.  Azusa Avenue changes its name to “San Gabriel Canyon Road” in Azusa and holds that name all the way up to Crystal Lake.  The fun stretch runs about 21 miles from the city of Azusa’s northern limits to Crystal Lake. Its full of great sweeping curves, short straights and many hairpin turns.  Its also full of ridge racing motorcycles and the odd bicyclist too so be alert and prepared to share the road.   Its still a lot safer than trying to have fun on Mulholland.  More info on the road here courtesy the wiki.

Crystal Lake Snack Bar has decent burgers and good chili.
Snow banks in the parking lot melting still

All pics by me and get bigger with a click.

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  1. Ah!! Was just up there last week! It was snowing a bit! I made a snowman! It was amazing!!

    Umm, I mean, yes, go.

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