Citrus season is upon us, what to do with the bounty

bowl o-lemons waiting their fate tomorrow.

The extra rain we endured coupled with a warmer than usual February has given us a bounty of citrus in the L.A. area this year.  The huge bounty is showing up in everyones back yards as well as farmers markets.  I have to admit I have one little lemon tree that makes more lemons than I can handle.  Or so I think.

Sunday is limoncello making day at my house, with Ruth666.  After the rinds have been zested off the remaining lemons will be used to make plus perfect lemonade.  After that a few batches of righteous lemon bars…a recipe I’ll never give up.  Some will be used for roasting off stuffed up a chicken’s butt, others I need help with, what to do with them.  Ideas?

Of course, if you don’t have your own tree its entirely likely that you know someone with a tree who would gladly share their bounty.  Heaven knows my neighbors will be getting plenty of lemons, oranges and grapefruits off of me.

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