Do You Have a License For That Dog?

L.A. Animal Services issued a press release today stating that they are canvassing Los Angeles City neighborhoods checking for current dog licenses. Not only is it the law, but being in the system may increase your chances of a reunion with your dog should it ever get out. I know first hand that your dog that you are sure will never get out WILL.

Since 2008, the city has required dogs, and cats, over the age of four months to be spayed or neutered. Therefore, to get your $20 dog license, your pet must be altered. There are a few exemptions and if you qualify, you pay $100 (plus a possible $235 breeder’s fee if applicable) for the license. A current rabies vaccine is also required. The various applications can be found here.

Your dog will not actually go to jail if caught without a license. You won’t be fined, but you will be asked to bring any licenses current. Little Guy, pictured above, isn’t really behind bars. He just fell asleep that way in my dining room. (Rescued from East Valley shelter over 10 year ago. Neutered and licensed).


2 thoughts on “Do You Have a License For That Dog?”

  1. LA is pretty lax with its animal licensing. Here in Monrovia there are penalties and late fees if you fail to register. Worse, if your dog gets loose, even if licensed and animal control picks it up you’re looking at some big fines AND a misdemeanor charge. The latter I’ve seen in action a few times when the dog actually bit someone or harassed a mail man.

    Great point in that a license helps reunite you and your dog should they escape. You can also get your dog chipped which isn’t much to help ensure you get your dog back if it escapes or worse is stolen. We have our little bostie Deuce chipped just for that reason.

  2. I agree about microchips, although I’ll feel better about that system when it’s more universal. Not every facility can read every brand of chip. The latest of my three is chipped. The one who got out one time is not, but luckily, I found him before anything bad happened.

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