Where am I gonna live?

Hey Y’all!

I’m looking to move, likely somewhere that’s a 20-minute drive from Santa Monica, but I’ve lived in “Los Angeles” since 1982 and know that just a block or two in any direction can mean the difference between Just Fine and Oh No You Di-Int.

So, Peeps, anyone care to give a little info? Mar Vista? Culver City? Museum Row?


Looking for the Try Heres as well as the Stay The Hell Away Froms.

Need 2 bedrooms and secure parking.

Eager to hear ~

7 thoughts on “Where am I gonna live?”

  1. Well, why not in Santa Monica? There are some places you can find that aren’t prohibitively expensive.

    And you don’t have to be chained to your car–if you’re on the Westside, chances are you may be near a Big Blue Bus line. You can easily get around in Santa Monica on the BBB.

  2. I think we need more deets. When you doing the driving? Sometimes I’m in SM in 20 mins, sometimes over an hour.

    What kind of place you after?

  3. Secure parking by the beach is a myth. I had “secure parking” in locked and gated garages when I lived and worked there and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get broken into in one. Beach hobos are crafty bastards.

  4. I was wondering when this post would go up. Cross streets of where you work might help some get you better idea of where you can seriously look.

    Secured parking is good, but not perfect as Jason pointed out. Locking your car and making sure the alarm is set will at least deter the casual thief, the hard core nothing will stop them. “cept maybe a shitty car.

    That said, There are some areas that are Venice/Marina Del Mar adjacent that were nice and seemed affordable compared to being close to the water. Been ages since I looked that way seriously at least.

  5. Thanks, all!

    Ok, I’m looking for a nice 2-bedroom, 1 bath, maybe a duplex, maybe a guest house.

    Beach proximity not required, especially since I agree with Jason that security is a myth.

    Looking to spend about $1600 and want a/c, dishwasher, laundry, and I have cats.

    Work is near the Cloverfield exit off the 10.

    No I am not high.

  6. Mar Vista/Palms/Culver will get you those prices (or cheaper). About 10-15 minutes from Santa Monica. I’m a block west of Culver City and it’s fantastic here.

  7. I have 2 rooms available in my Huge House. Is Highland park too far?

    5 Bedroom
    2 Bath
    Formal Dining Room
    Living Room
    Large Kitchen, with walk in Pantry
    Laundry (onsite)
    Easy Parking (street)
    Full Size Game Room/Basement (Pool Table and Ping Pong Table)
    Vons/Super A Market/99 cent store approx. 1 mile away
    Close to Gold Line (approx. 1.5 miles)
    Share house with 1 male, 2 females
    420 FRIENDLY

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