Not super new, but super something

I swear about 2 million people have e-mailed me this image in the past month. I’m posting it because it’s amusing and hopefully that will announce to the world that I’ve seen it and don’t need it e-mailed to me again.

2 thoughts on “Not super new, but super something”

  1. Have there Origin in the Old World where they were used by “Wanderers” looking for Relatives, News, Employment, are very common now in the Echo Park/Angelino Heights District …. ?

  2. This looks like they used the format of a rather old computer game based on the Oregon Trail.
    Your progress would be updated with information such as is shown on the poster…and random problems would occur–child dies or drowns or akle breaks and you don’t have a spare, etc…so the tabs at the bottom are sort of a hard copy random update to the basic info.
    It looks like someone’s art project…interesting application of an old game to modern society. And yes, I suppose it is possible even in the US/LA to die of dysentery…

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