What’s a Veg*n to Do? Doomie’s!


Doomie's Veg*n Restaurant

In light of yesterday’s mention of a possible Pure Luck shutdown, and the fact that Madeleine Bistro is closing its doors, I thought it might be nice to offer something happier for vegetarian/vegan (veg*n <– yeah I just figured that one out) Angelenos. And like any good veg*n restaurant, this one’s a great find for omnivores, as well.

guard dog
Eats fingers != vegan

Doomie’s could easily go overlooked, situated as it is in the far corner of a strip mall on Fountain, just off Vine. The parking is a little weird, too, as the lot is valet only, and you have to use the Vine entrance if you want to park in the lot. With a little bit of good parking karma last night, we managed to snag a spot on Fountain and make our way past the vicious finger-eating cone-sporting puppy dog guarding the door to the place.

Doomie’s (FB | twitter) has a varied sort of a southern, comfort-food type menu, ranging from down home fried chicken or pot roast with mashed potatoes to pulled pork sandwiches, chili cheeseburgers, or nachos. Everything is vegetarian, and all of the cheese items on the menu can be substituted for vegan cheese. Last night they were out of pot roast and deep-fried avocado – but don’t rely on their rarely-updated 86 list on the wall for that kind of information, get the scoop from your server. (It seems maybe the list of 86ed items is too high on the wall to update regularly…?)

pulled "pork" w/ mac n cheese
pulled "pork" w/ mac n cheese

Being somewhat a creature of habit, I’ve had the pulled pork sandwich (served with mac and cheese) both times I’ve been to Doomies. My friend Colinski is a fan of the Clam Chowder in a breadbowl, which seems to be a special offering based on availability. Probably the most exciting meal at the table was the fried chicken, which pretty much everyone had to try. It was downright uncanny in its pure comfort deliciousness, and it even included a wooden “bone” for the sake of verisimilitude. We surmised that “the deep fryer is the great equalizer.” Another friend ordered the chili cheeseburger, and much like my own experience with the chili fries on my previous visit, he remarked that the chili is more like chili sauce than actual chili, being mostly liquid. Still, everyone seemed to be pretty happy with their meals, and a couple of us even saved room for dessert: deep fried oreos!!

So if you find yourself in Hollywood looking for something delicious, check out Doomie’s. It may not be able to perfectly fill the gap left by other good veg*n joints closing down, but it will certainly help you forget it for a few hours anyway.

left - chili cheeseburger, right - fried chicken
left - chili cheeseburger, right - fried chicken

Sign of the Times

large size cup
It's no trenta, but it's still big. (twss)

Every few weeks or so, a few of my coworkers and I take advantage of a slow Friday afternoon to head over to the local Souplantation up in lovely Porter Ranch to get our fill of [crying toddlers and] all-you-care-to-eat soup, salad, and breadstuffs. One of my coworkers lovingly likens it to eating from a trough, but I prefer think of it as a type of “Sizzler for the Soccer-mom set, or the more health-conscious gorger.” (I haven’t yet been to a Sizzler, so it’s more of a speculative comparison.)

For the first time in the years we’ve been going there together, today the cashier asked us “small or large?” when we ordered beverages. Continue reading Sign of the Times

Pure Luck Closing?

BBQ Sammich at Pure Luck (w/ Potato Pals)

I just heard something horrible. Apparently Pure Luck has been sold and will be shutting down and reopening as a wine bar sometime in the next month. I just called to try and confirm this but there was no answer, but the tip off I got seemed pretty legit. This is terribly sad because Pure Luck has become legendary in the vegan restaurant world and I know more than a handful of people who make it their first stop when they visit LA, and it’s probably the restaurant I’ve eaten at more than any other in the entire city. The thing that bums me out is that it’s obviously a very popular place and while I understand as a business owner sometimes you just need to move on, I can’t believe that someone wouldn’t have wanted to take over the existing business. The following that place has is dedicated, and that won’t translate to a new establishment. Such a bummer if it’s true.

So, if you want potato pals or plantain tacos, you better get over there ASAP.

Tuesday is Be Kind To Boobies Day!

(not to be a jerk, but….)

To hell with all you ladies who can buy bras on street corners or online or at the mall even – this post is for the breastally endowed.

From those of us sporting mighty racks, a resounding cry: All Hail the fearsome Jenette for opening a lingerie emporium just for us. An amazing establishment where, as Jenette is fond of saying, “The alphabet starts at D.”

And the merchandise is downright saucy ~ no battleships, and I’m not sure I’ve seen anything white (except a few hot bridal-type numbers).

In the past, Jenette’s hours have been a bit limited, but I’m happy to announce that she’s added Tuesday (11-6) to her work week – great news!

Jenette Bras

4308 Melrose Ave., near Vermont

(Ironic: It’s just around the corner from Scoops!)





Everybody Into the Subway!

Did you know there was a bike ban on Metro Rail during rush hour? That ban is gone, effective immediately. The Source wants to know how you feel about that.

With gas prices surging, the city’s renewed interest in a viable bike network, and increasingly popular events like CicLAvia, this can only be a good thing.

But, exactly how will Metro handle the possible flood of fixies? There has been some talk of removing seats from rail cars.  Instead of simply placating cyclists, why not encourage them by going a step further?

What Metro needs now is a multimodal rail car with bike storage. Sound far fetched? Plans were drawn up in 1976.

Invasion of the Doo Dah Parade in East Pasadena Saturday

Square Dancing Roller Skaters

The Parade that is a party…the random nearly-annual Doo Dah Parade takes place in East Pasadena on Saturday April 30.  None of the usual stuffiness of the Rose Parade, this is a totally irreverent event that I just adore.  Its a lot silliness, a lot of politically incorrect and just plain fun to watch it stroll on by.

The party is set to start 11 am-ish.  It will start at the corner of  Vinedo and Colorado Blvds (MAP HERE).  The parade will march down one side of Colorado Blvd westerly to Altadena then turn around and go east on the other side to San Gabriel Blvd.  At San Gabriel the parade again turns around to go west back to Vinedo Ave.

There are multiple parties going on after the parade.  The big official party will be at the American Legion Hall at  179 N Vinedo St (2 Blocks north of the parade route).  All the info you could want on the parade and after party HERE on the official web site.

Do arrive early as the spectator space fills fast. Sorry, but there is limited public transpo into the parade site and traffic does get nasty around there.

Arsonist at large in Los Feliz

Corner of Franklin and Vermont about 12:15AM, 4/29/11

Someone was Lighting a String of Trashcan Fires late Thursday Night / Early Friday Morning

I took the picture to the right myself. Firetrucks were already on the way, and in fact, already in the area, as this was at least the third trashcan fire lit.

I felt slightly guilty snapping the pic, like I should have done something more, but my Android doesn’t have a “Fire Extinguisher” App, and I really didn’t have that much water on me at the time.

“I.C.M.E.” indeed. Eyewitness account after the jump.

Continue reading Arsonist at large in Los Feliz

We Do So Read! LA Times’ Festival of Books

the bumper of my car

When you ask people what’s great about LA, they might say the weather or the beach or the sushi or art walk or the New Bev or Umami Burger… but they almost never say “the literary scene.”   Yknowhatimsayin?

Still, we read. Well, some of us do, anyway, and many of those some of us will be at LA Times’ Festival of Books this weekend. I’ll admit I’ve never been there myself (though other b.la’ers have). Somehow it always gets trumped by a work event or a trip or something. This year, though, may be the year for me. I would love, love, love to see Jennifer Egan on Saturday*, though given her recent award, that panel will no doubt be packed plus I have a time conflict with a three-year-old’s birthday party in Ventura (Does the J.Egan panel promise a bouncy house? I think not!). Continue reading We Do So Read! LA Times’ Festival of Books

Valley Ready to Party Like it’s 1775

A wedding is happening. A big wedding. No, bigger than yours, and anyone else you’ve ever known. This wedding is ROYAL. This bride and groom is better than you.

Some kid named Will is going to say “I do” to some girl named Kate. Are you paying attention? Turn on the television. Any channel. There it is. Wall-to-wall-to-wall-to-wall-coverage. Journalists, bloggers, Mario Lopezes are falling all over themselves here and across the pond, gushing about pomp and circumstance. Or ceremony. Or whatever. What will they wear? Who will be there? How will she do her hair? Every single detail being examined as if by Birthers on a mission.

None of you are invited. But, luckily enough, you can pretend to live out this fairytale fantasy – right here in the San Fernando Valley. The Valley!

The affair is one of today’s top stories on the Los Angeles Daily News. They take a hard inside look at local celebrations of the far far away nuptials to come:

Golriz Moeini, co-owner of the White Harte Pub in Woodland Hills. “All of us are so stressed with natural disasters and wars. This is one happy thing that we have.”

What started out as a small get-together for Moeini’s friends has now turned into a royal wedding extravaganza complete with a live band, champagne and wedding cake. Guests are required to don wedding attire. That means jackets for the men and dresses for the ladies. And there might be a seating chart in one section.

I’m sure that some will argue with me about what a historic moment this is. A real-life prince making a commoner a real-life princess! It’s a storybook wedding!

Have fun with that. I’m sure the 217,000 men that died during the American Revolution won’t mind a bit.

Cornerstone Theater’s Unrequited (Between Two Worlds)

There’s film folk and then there’s theater folk, and then there are just folks who will see whatever looks good.  That last group is me, and this upcoming play looks great: tonight, Cornerstone Theater, in association with Watts Village Theater Company, will start previews of its new play, The Unrequited (Between Two Worlds).  The play’s official opening night is on May 4.

The play is based on The Dybbuk, a 1914 play by author and playwright S. Ansky, about a bride possessed – possessed! – by a terrible spirit on the night before her wedding.  Cornerstone’s version re-locates the play in time and space: to a 1930s-era Watts neighborhood.  In the theater’s long-running tradition of incorporating community actors and sourcing creative spaces for their productions, the production actually will be held in Watts at a local high school auditorium.

Tickets are based on a $5 to $20 sliding scale online, and will be pay-what-you-can at the door.  That’s right, no need to wait in the student rush line the 5 minutes before doors open.

The Unrequited (Between Two Worlds)
Thursdays through Sundays, plus a few Wednesdays here and there, April 28 – May 22
At the Youth Opportunities High School, Mafundi Auditorium, 1827 E. 103rd St in Watts.
Tickets here.


Friday Night Bumpin’ of the Brains: Cornel West & Carl Dix

Does your brain have plans Friday night? Why not treat it to some much-needed nourishment? Come on, you know it deserves it — after a week of mind-numbing work, royal wedding news and Fast Five trailers, your gray matter could use some exercise.

Not to worry: We’ve got just what it needs. Cornel West — yes, that Cornel West, the Princeton prof, the cerebellum of the civil rights movement, the guy who calls everyone “brother,” even people who vehemently disagree with him — will be chatting with Carl Dix, conscientious objector founder of the American Revolutionary Communist Party. What are they gonna talk about? I’m guessing bundt cake recipes.

No, seriously: They’ll be discussing the state of education in America against the backdrop of police brutality and the prison system. The discussion begins at 7 PM at the DeNeve Plaza Lecture Auditorium at UCLA.

EDIT: Forgot to post the link. Here you go.

Is this too good to be true?

Shuttle to LAX

So, I’m watching Mythbuster’s or maybe it was RuPauls Drag Race, I can’t remember, but this ad comes on for this new airport shuttle service to LAX called Shuttle 2 LAX. They service the entire LA area for $20 for the first rider and $11 for each additional. I thought it had to be a sham, because most of the shuttles from my BFE part of town (Woodland Hills) are close to $80. That’s what a town car cost me from Hollywood for crissakes! I usually end up driving to the airport and parking for a week because after you factor in the round-trip it’s still cheaper. BTW, cheapairportparking.org is a rockstar and I usually leave my car at the Hilton and it’s great. But I digress… I’ve asked around and I can’t find anyone who’s used them so I ask you, our dear readers… is it the new found must have in our LAX arsenals or is this too good to be true? And while this may look like a giant cheap ad for them I’ve honestly never used the service and need feedback. My Grandmother in Chicago is very sick so I’m looking to get my ducks in a row for solid airport transport. Thanks and hit me in the comments.

Tiki-Ti’s 50th Anniversary

If you’ve never had a bar full of hipsters chant “TORO TORO TORO” whilst you chug a crazy concoction of fruit & tequila, then now’s the perfect chance to visit a great Los Angeles institution. Opened in 1961 by an exotic cocktail mixologist Ray Buhen, Tiki-Ti served up traditional Polynesian drinks to the likes of Marlon Brando, Burt Rynolds & Jack Palance. Now with over 86 different cocktails on their menu, Ray’s son & grandson Michael and Mike Buhen carry on his legacy at one of the last classic neighborhood tiki bar.

For such a small bar, they do have a lot of little quirks… like their opening hours/days. Regulars know that you have to check their calendar before making the trek out, since the Buhen’s keep all their concoctions “in the family,” whenever they decide to take a little vacay, their bar shuts down. It’s also cash only, which for many card toting Angelino’s causes a problem… but never fear as they are stocked with an ATM in the back. And finally, smoking? I thought that was outlawed? Apparently not when the location is owner operated… no employees to worry about.

So come out Tomorrow to celebrate their 50th Anniversary! The Flatiron Truck will be there from 4-10pm providing bites of deliciousness to pair with outrageous cocktails! They will also have a Tahitian inspired menu serving Poisson Cru and free Coconut Cupcakes.

4427 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 669-9381