Classic Eats #14 Recap and a Farewell

It was a dark and stormy night, but that didn’t stop Classic Eats #14 from being a fun gathering of classic eaters!

The evening started with cocktails at Traxx at Union Station and while the bachelor party that was also there was a bit, uh, loud, their theme shirts were sort of amusing. Luckily their train was called and we had some quieter time to chat about cigars, whiskey and guns.

Soon it was time to eat and we slogged through the pouring rain to Phillipes to partake of the yummy dipped sandwiches. Comfort food on a rainy night — who could ask for more?

I had to try the pickled eggs. They are delicious!

The gang enjoying their feast.



Thanks to all who joined in the Classic Eats fun.

As to the farewell part of this blog post — This will be my last Classic Eats as I am stepping down from Blogging.LA and moving on to other things. I have loved my three and a half years of blogging here, the highlight being Hot Dot Death March. I have gotten to know my beloved LA even better than expected and have also gained wonderful friends here at BLA. Thank you for all the fun!

8 thoughts on “Classic Eats #14 Recap and a Farewell”

  1. aww. i’m so sorry i missed it. and i am sad to see this be the last. i really enjoyed the few classic eats i was able to be a part of.

    good luck in your other endeavors. you will be missed

  2. Wat!? Not even so much as a HINT of your impending retirement yesterday between Union Station and the end of the Gold Line? I am full of sad at your departure.

  3. Aww, I appreciated your posts Julia. Let us know what you do next, but yeah I understand the moving on part.

    BTW, I tried those pickled eggs a few months ago and I thought it was super gross!

  4. Julia, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving. How about one last “classic eats or drinks” so we can get together to wish you well and say goodbye? You pick.

  5. Julia: In you, I found a good friend. In you, Los Angeles found a great advocate for a lot of places that would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.
    I am sad that that was the last time, but I was glad I got to see you and Burns!

    Consider this? I’d like to continue your mission to bring attention to the forgotten places. I don’t know how to become a Metblogger: am I even cool enough? But I’d like to see if I could be. I’d love to plan a trip to an old Chinatown dive after drinks at the Far Bar or ?

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