GTD This Weekend: Elmo’s Birfday, Too Much James Franco


Happy birthday, Elmo!!!


  • OMFG it’s Elmo’s birfday’s month!  The furry red monster who taught me how to count to 10 celebrated his third-and-a-half birthday on February 3, and Borders (well, the ones that are still open) will be have a belated birthday celebration with all sorts of family-friendly events.  Free.  The Borders at Hollywood and Vine will be celebrating; check the site for your local Borders celebration.
  • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: there are people other than lesbians who enjoy folk music.  Case in point: the New Los Angeles Folk Festival at Joshua Tree will celebrate “the emergence of new LA Folk in all its shapes and contrasts” with none other than Amanda Jo Williams and He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, among others.  That’s right, the spirit of Peter, Paul & Mary lives on outside of the Michigan Womyn’s Fest.  $10+.  The shows will on Saturday and Sunday in and around Joshua Tree; RSVP for full details.
  • It’s probably going to rain, but how about staying warm with some heated Derby Dolls competition?  It’s LA versus NYC at the Doll Factory on Saturday night: the city’s roller derby all-star team Ri-Ettes will square off against the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.  Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets are $18 (GA) and $40 (VIP), but I would check Goldstar first.  Doors open at 6pm at the Doll Factory, 1910 W. Temple St.
  • After the Derby Dolls bout, the appropriate thing to do would be to pick up your own pair of skates and roller the night away.  The World on Wheels Roller Skating Rink holds its monthly disco roller fest with plenty of DJs, a bar, and a smoking patio.  It’ll be like the 1970s all over again.  $12, which includes skate rental.  Party starts at 10:30pm at the World on Wheels, 4645 1/2 Venice Blvd.
  • Who constructed James Franco, why did he suddenly explode as a hipster jack-of-all-trades, and does anyone else remember when he was an extra in an episode of The X-Files?  These questions probably will not be answered, but others probably will crop up, at Unfinished, a curious collaboration between Franco and director Gus Van Sant at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.  Van Sant apparently gave Franco free unpoetic license to tinker and edit with deleted scenes, alternate takes, and other excess footage from My Own Private Idaho; the result is not one but two films.  The first, Endless Idaho, is presumably named because that will be how it feels to watch the 12-hour film that Franco cobbled together; the second, My Own Private River, is a portrait of River Phoenix’s character in My Own Private Idaho.  The press release makes a point to tell us that the score for the latter film is by Michael Stipe, “who is an art school drop-out.”  My eyes had better things to do today that read that pointless bit of uninteresting trivia. Free.  Daily screenings until April 9 at Gagosian Gallery, 456 North Camden Dr. in Beverly Hills.


  • It’s Oscar Sunday, the most important day of the year to people you know exist, but possibly have never met.   A few options for those of you who want some company while watching James Franco and Anne Hathaway: at the Cinefamily Awards Oscar viewing party, the Oscars will be screened appropriately on a big screen (no, not on IMAX 3D, sorry and/or you’re welcome) and ticket proceeds will go towards supporting the non-profit theater. For you downtown folk, the Downtown Independent will hold its Oscar screening complete with a drinking game.  And for those who want to eat while you drinking game, Akasha in Culver City will have a special Oscar-themed menu and happy hour at the bar during the show.  Whatever you do, just avoid Hollywood – they’re not going to let you in on their viewing party.
  • Femme Festivale is a nifty gathering of local women and the businesses they own.  This Sunday’s edition will include food trucks (Lake Street Creamery), a mannequin art installation, and photography.  Free admission to the gathering; prices vary by vendor.  1pm to 8pm at The Other Door, 10437 Burbank Blvd. in the SFV.
  • For the family that seeks to bond over art, participate in one of the Hammer Museum’s workshops on making art using ordinary found objects.  Parents and children will learn how to create using what resources they have, a lesson that we all probably need to learn and re-learn from time to time.  Free; a $25 refundable fee is required to hold your place.  From 1pm to 3pm at the Hammer Museum.