ICME: Obscenely High Gas Prices

Sigh.  From the very handy but depressing GasBuddy, gas prices are above the $3.50 mark all over the city, and some poor motorists in North Hollywood are seeing $4.00 a gallon.  The LA Times blames the rising prices on “unrest” in the Middle East, but exporting the blame is too easy. Politicians haven’t really followed through on vague promises to reduce dependence on foreign oil; we like big cars; and someone (not Ed Begley, Jr.) killed the electric car.  Public transportation, anyone?

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  1. I had my wtf moment last Thursday when it cost me $40 for half a tank. There’s a lot to this story and I agree its not all unrest in the Mid-east.

    The electric car is alive and well. There are a few all electric cars (EV’s) here for sale now and more on the way covering price points from entry level under $30K to full fledged luxury models that will cost nearly $100K. BUT they aren’t all that clean, they do have a small carbon footprint due to the coal and imported oil we use to generate most of our electricity. As more come on stream our electical infrastructure will be more burdened as we try to upgrade to handle the load EV’s will place on the system. The problem with the EV that will relegate it to commuter car status for some time to come is the limited range of the cars (often 100 miles or less) and long recharging times.

    Personally I see hydrogen fuel cells as the better route to our future of sustainable transportation as you give up nothing to the regular gas car in terms of range and speed of a “fill”. Water is abundant and easily cracked into hydrogen, it just needs the infrastructure to support put in place and CA leads the way with the building of that infrastructure.

    Off my soap box for now…

  2. I paid 3.49 a gallon yesterday and thought I was being ripped off. Relatively speaking, I guess I wasn’t.

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  4. David, interesting link and I note that you get referral credits for anyone that signs ups? What exactly is the gimmick? No one gives something away for nothing, especially half you gas costs. Hope it works for you but it looks to be a scam to me.

  5. I noticed gasoline prices steadily rising, in some cases hitting $4 for premium, many weeks ago, before the MidEast protests began. Obviously, MidEast will now be cited as a reason for further increases. And the price trend is upward for the foreseeable future, due to increasing demand from around the world and harder to find (and thus more expensive to drill) oil.

    But the problem isn’t dependence on foreign oil, though that’s a meme you hear from some. It’s dependence on oil period. The U.S. doesn’t have anywhere near the oil reserves to handle our current demand. And very often, the oil that is produced here — sometimes by foreign companies such as BP — doesn’t stay here anyway. It goes right into the worldwide market.

    As happened last time we had $4 gas, we’ll likely see some consumer behavioral changes. Perhaps more folks will downsize to a smaller SUV. And you don’t need an electric car to use less gas — old-fashioned hybrids will get you better mileage in most cases. Moreover, plug-in hybrids are coming soon, from Toyota and other companies. They have backup gasoline engines so driving range isn’t an issue.

    The next step will be to green our electricity production so we don’t have to burn so much dirty coal to power those clean electric & plug-in hybrid cars.

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  7. I watched a guy changing the prices on a gas station sign while eating my lunch. He raised all of the prices across the board by 20 cents. Something tells me the wholesale price on the gasoline in the tanks at the station didn’t retroactively increase itself by more than 5%.

  8. KNX radio is reporting that a Mobil station on Azusa Avenue in Covina selling regular unleaded at $4.51 a gallon may have the highest prices in the nation.

  9. Please join us in a ‘National Gas Out’ day June 1st, 2011. The link above is the official Facebook event link. You can go to this link to RSVP your attendance on this day. Please let your voice be heard by not purchasing gas on this day. And please help us to spread this message by forwarding the link to everyone you know.

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