Anchor Meltdown

Most of you probably saw, or at least heard about this happening last night on our local CBS 2 News:

……..yeah. Funny right? Maybe not. Turns out she was taken to the hospital to rule out the possibility of a stroke. Inability to speak can often be the first sign. I REALLY hope this isn’t the case. I went to school with her and I seem to remember her being very nice. Hopefully it was just a quick flub. Cause if she’s OK, then we can laugh.

5 thoughts on “Anchor Meltdown”

  1. Definitely not funny. Frankly it’s shameful the humor being had at the reporter’s expense. It seems far more complex than any sort of flub. Way back in the day when I was a hotline volunteer with the Suicide Prevention Center, there was a homeless veteran who called occasionally, afflected with schizophasia (more commonly called “word salad”). It seemed an entirely nonsensical jumble of meaninglessness that he spoke, but occasionally you could grab onto a thread of words weaving through the mess and it made sense what he was trying to say.

    Watching what happened to her on camera last night reminded me of him.

    I truly hope she is all right.

  2. Yeah. The more I watched the video the more it appeared to be something more than a flub. I see it with stroke patients at my job a lot. There was definitely more to it. But she’s OK now and that’s what matters.

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