We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Licked: Vendor Fair at the Bordello of Decadence

Going to a Valentine’s Weekend Vendor Fair at a local BDSM Fetish club, one might expect to find some surprises, but the real surprises are the down to earth, common sense options that may be useful all year to any Consenting Adult.

My friends at The Bordello of Decadence had a Vendor’s Fair Friday night for much the same reason Blogging.LA is doing this series; to help find playthings for Valentine’s Day. Sure, there were all manner of floggers, whips and paddles to be found, plenty of toys in an environment whose very accessibility may be surprising to some, but leave it to the Truly Kinky to think of some things that most people wouldn’t think of, but I think most people can use.
Innovation from the Extraordinary.

Do you need an IT guy who won’t react like Seth Rogan in 40 Year Old Virgin when he see’s what’s on your Hard Drive? Maybe you need to scrub things clean before you give your old computer to someone who doesn’t need to know just where you spent your extracurricular browsing time. You really wanna take your porn to some College kid at Best Buy?

You want EP Consulting, “The Kinky IT Guy.”
13 years in the business, discreet, reliable, understanding and a great guy. And he has constructed his own “Cat 5 of 9 Tails.” (It could only get geekier if it were used on Seven of Nine.) Go to www.epconsultingco.com.Cat 5 of Nine Tails

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly romantic. Might not be a Valentine’s Day thing, useful though it is. Maybe you want to Pretty up the Package that contains your real gift. Perhaps you want the Box that Special Present is in to look extra nice. Maybe that whole process can be part of the fun.

Let me introduce Miss Jenny, the Waxinatrix. Manscaping, waxing, anywhere there’s hair there, Domme and Master Esthetician Miss Jenny can make the process as comfortable or excruciating as you wish. Everyone is welcome, couples included, and believe me, that can be a lot of fun. Find her at fetlife.com/MissJenny or shoot her an email at  stiffler’[email protected]. She also has a wicked love of puns. Enjoy.

Bed by Ivan BeastOf course, there was no shortage of fine, handmade instruments of delight and torture, with standouts from Big Daddy BD, Ivan Beast (owners and operators of the venue) and Black Cat Whips. “Leggs” provided kinky undies, vibrators and chocolate flavored edible body paint. (Razzgasm!) Ivan also makes incredible furniture, beds, cages, St Andrews Crosses and so much more, if you’re ready for that big kinky purchase. (Contact the Bordello of Decadence for more info on any of the above.) But what do you get for that deviant Star Wars Fan?

If Slave Girl Leia was really a big influence on you or that special someone, you need to shop the wares of The Kinky Geek. Dragontails, floggers and whips with lightsaber handles. Yeah. He has, on special order, even made a couple of double sided, detachable, Darth Maul-type toys. Go to www.thekinkygeek.com. Excite you, they will.The Kinky Geek

So, it may be a little late to get any of this stuff for this year, but if your Valentine misbehaves, I guarantee there’s something here to back up your promise of retribution. Now that’s Love.

The Bordello of Decadence is still working of their website, but for informationon when and where they have their parties, and/or info on any of the vendors mentioned, shoot them an email at [email protected].

The Kinky GeekThis post is part of the We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Licked series of posts.Furniture by Ivan Beast

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  1. The holes are for people inside the cage to poke their heads through. The smaller holes are for hands which you can restrain. The middle hole is also very handy for genital torture.

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