Pogo Comes To LA

I am so excited for this, I can’t tell you. Well, actually….I can….and I will. I’m excited!

Pogo is a young Australian bloke who has made himself famous thanks to some crazy musical talent and You Tube. He first captured my (and 5 and a half million others) attention with this remix from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland:

The thing about Pogo is, he doesn’t just make a song that includes sounds from a particular movie, he creates songs with ONLY sounds from the movie. And the music he makes is just too damn good. I like the pleasant, chillout aspect from most of his work. While “Alice” will always be a favorite because it was the first, my personal favorite is “Upular”:

Loyal You Tube fans aren’t the only people recognizing him anymore either. Last year he was honored at the Guggenheim in New York for a piece he made called “Gardyn” that featured his mother and sounds from her personal garden. His latest endeavor, Remixing The World, has him travelling around the world creating music from anything he experiences. “Joburg Jam” is a taste of what’s to come, and I like it.

Making You Tube videos isn’t all he is about. Apparently he plays live too. For a while US fans have been asking him to head our way and he finally is! He’s set to do a brief US tour in March, ending here in Los Angeles March 12. I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what he does live. You can find out more details of his tour here (scroll down to “Pogo tours North America”), including the location of his LA show.

Are any of you fans of his work? Planning on seeing him? I know I’m excited for the new “Lord of the Rings” mix he’s working on.

5 thoughts on “Pogo Comes To LA”

  1. Took a look at the music from this “famous” (lol … right) kid. Yep, more cardboard amateur music listened to pseudos who think they know what they’re talking about. Not to mention the sound is slightly … flamboyant?

    Just out of sheer curiosity … do you happen to be queer?

  2. You just introduced me to this guy’s work and I love it. The Recycle event he’s part of looked cool and the tickets are cheap, so I’m in. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, congratulations on the hater. :)

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