Man Oh Man Oh Mano

It’s been more than two years since Artemio Rodriguez and Silvia Capistran of La Mano Press packed up and said goodbye to Los Angeles for Michoacan, Mexico, and not a trip past their old studio space on Main Street near the Brewery happens without me being reminded the city is less without them and their amazing and  wonderful creations.

So when the announcement landed in my inbox telling me that they’ll be in town to host a one-day event showcasing their artistic projects past and present, I not only found out what I’ll be doing this coming Saturday, but I figured I’d post it up here in case you either never got a chance to get to know them or miss them like I do.

  • What: La Mano Press Open Studio
  • Where: 1749 N. Main Street, LA 90031 (map)
  • When: February 12, noon – 10pm