Classic Eats #14 – The Deets

Classic Eats #14 is on Saturday February 19!

And while normally I set up a voting system and give you options to choose from, I’m going to make it so much easier for all of us. (And by “all of us” I mean me.) Classic Eats #14 is going to be a reprise of Classic Eats #2: Downtown Delights – Union Station and Phillipe’s.

It was two years ago (how time flies) that we had a great gang of folks come down to Traxx at Union Station for a cocktail before walking the two blocks to Phillipe’s where we all had some classic LA nosh and a star sighting to boot! (Adam Arkin)

I want to relive that awesome night and I want you to join in.

Classic Eats #14 – Downtown Delights
Saturday February 19
5:30 at Traxx inside Union Station
7:00 (ish) at Phillipe’s

Union Station – Traxx – Classic cocktails in a classic location. All your train travel fantasies come true.

Phillipe‘s – They claim to be the original french dip sandwich place! Their mustard is pretty damn good too. I should know.

Classic Eats!

7 thoughts on “Classic Eats #14 – The Deets”

  1. First of all am jazzed I can gold line it to the event so I don’t
    have to hassle with parking, second of all, and am totally jazzed
    this appears to be a “Bye” weekend for basketball so I actually may
    be able to attend this one, barring any other sudden surprises for
    that weekend. Yeah.

  2. We were going to be out of town that weekend, but plans fell
    through, so we should be able to make it!! Yay – will be so good to
    see you!!

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