Yikes where did all the traffic come from?

It used to be, and it wasn’t that long ago one could zip into Downtown LA from where I am pretty quickly off peak times. ¬†In the last couple of months I’ve had reason to be downtown after 4 and the drive in was as big a grind from Dodger Stadium as the mornings were back in the day when I had to commute in peak morning drive. ¬†Whaaaaaa happened to change this so its always tough getting in to downtown LA?

7 thoughts on “Yikes where did all the traffic come from?”

  1. Oh, seriously!! Downtown is a nightmare pretty much every weekday until about 7 or 7:30 PM. Just terrible.

  2. I imagine it has something to do with the fact that people live Downtown now. Also, there are a lot more attractions there than there used to be.

  3. there is also a game about every night now with the Lakers, Kings, Clippers all in season.

    Compared to the last few months of 2010 I feel like it is finally lightening up a bit.

  4. We used the red line subway from Universal to get to downtown last night, and it was remarkably fast and easy. It was a tremendous relief knowing that we had a usable alternative to the car + horrific Friday evening traffic + suddenly unreasonable parking rates + awful parking situation.

    Unfortunately, the LA subway system is still a laughable, pathetic joke.
    – No supervision of fares. You can walk in and out and there is nobody and no way to ensure you actually paid your fare.
    – No police presence. I didnt’ see a single officer in any station or any train. As a result, bums, beggars, and other scum filled every stop and every car, including a loud, abusive, and antagonistic woman shrieking curses at everyone in Pershing Square.
    – Filthy cars. Vomit in one, trash in the next, bad smells and air in all.
    – Cheap, primitive seating and train interior design. There are unnecessary fabric paddings on the seats, which are thin, cheap, and uncomfortable. The seats are nearly 50% wider than those in NY, Tokyo, Boston. The aisles are too narrow to allow easy passage. And the grab bars for standing patrons are set too high for anyone shorter than 5’8″.

    1. – That is because LA decided to initially go with an honor system. That is changing soon as they will be implementing turnstiles.

      – Yes there is. In fact the majority of times I have ridden the red line there were sheriffs riding the train handing out tickets and policing the cars. You can’t have an officer on every car, on every line, every day, in every station…

      – LOLWUT? I don’t think I have ever ridden a subway car in any major city that wasn’t filthy…

      – God please no cushioned seats! One only needs to ride the Bart in the Bay area to know that plush upholstered seating on a subway car is big no no. They are great for soaking up just about every smell and liquid on earth and retaining it indefinitely.

      Sorry for the derail just had to respond to keisuke’s post.

  5. There’s a lot more action downtown these days. More shopping, restaurants, events and employment, so people need to head in that direction all day every day. Another factor might be the slight recovery in the economy generating more auto traffic.

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