Changes in Latitude

This officey-looking building in Marina del Rey was once known as Pier Pointe.  It was an office building that was converted to condos several years ago.  According to the sales literature I received from them at the height of the recession,  the condos were quite pricey, starting at about $900,000, as I recall.  This unfortunate timing led not to a fully occupied building, but to a reported bankruptcy in 2009.

Now the building is back as Latitude 33.  The condos are being marketed once again.  However, take a look at their logo in the pics here and on their website.   Do you see anything unusual about the logo, given the name of the property?

I do wish these folks the best of luck.

8 thoughts on “Changes in Latitude”

  1. I was hopeful that this was just an instance of someone installing the logo sign incorrectly but a quick click over to their website reveals that, indeed, they have no concept of the difference between lat and long. Sad.

    1. more specifically when nautical charting.

      otherwise longitude is phi. clear as mud, but i’m guessing because of the marina connection, they are using the nautical meaning for phi.

      love when i hit send by accident :/

      1. Wait. Who uses phi for longitude?

        Not arguing, just curious – I’ve always seen phi for latitude and lambda for longitude in any cartographic context, nautical or otherwise. Does someone reverse them?

  2. Thanks Vampiress. If that’s the case, I give them credit for having this technically correct. However, I have to wonder if that might not be a bit esoteric for the general public, not to mention at cross purposes with the more familiar pictorial expectation about the logo. Unless, of course, the target audience is Greek-reading sailors.

  3. i agree, it’s totally too obscure. i only new because i had seen it before. i did have to google fu a bit to confirm my thoughts. you shouldn’t have to google the meaning of logos.

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