Changes coming for the Los Feliz post office

I love the Los Feliz post office. It’s walking distance from my apartment, it’s got one of those package machines in the front lobby so you don’t have to stand in line, and the employees are so sweet that I often wonder whether they’re some sort of unholy human-dessert hybrid born of mad culinary science, a theory bolstered by the building’s proximity to the House of Pies, which is another great reason to go there.

But changes are brewing. First, as Jodi blogged a while back, the parking lot — which used to be free to use after the post office was closed — is now an income-generator for the US Postal Service. And the building itself might be seeing some changes, as a postal representative recently told the Los Feliz Ledger. Change #1: It might be sold.

Don’t worry too much, though — the postal rep, Richard Maher, told the Ledger there’d be some stipulations, mainly that the retail postal service still be in operation no matter what happens on the site. So we’d still be able to buy stamps and maintain PO boxes.

If I can still use the package machine and buy stamps, I’m not too concerned about the loss of the post office as a sorting station (or whatever other behind-the-scenes function it may serve). And if half the structure turns into some kind of restaurant or store, so much the better. And there’s always the super-sketchy postal station on Western just south of Sunset, which is far as I know is in no danger of going anywhere.

So what do you think? What would you like to see there?