Menu Mining: Ghetto Malasadas at Chego

Americans have the doughnut (as we here at Blogging LA know all too well); Hawaiians have malasadas, little fried gems bigger than a doughnut hole but smaller than a doughnut, brought to the island from Portuguese immigrants in the late 19th century.  You can get them in Hawaii proper, as Joz did a few months ago, or you can go up to Natas Pastries in Sherman Oaks.  But for those times you’re not in Hawaii or the SFV, you also can try ‘em out a little closer to home at Chego.  Yeup, the same place where you can get inauthentically authentic Korean rice bowls is the same place you can get utterly inauthentic Portuguese malasadas.  What, surprised?

Now, there are a lot of great things at Chego, many of which deserve their own Menu Mining mention.  In fact, if His Majesty Jonathan Gold were to write a guest Menu Mining post, he might very well pick the Buttered Kimchi Chow.  Me, though, I’m just going to take you straight to the malasadas.  These are on the specials board and may not be on the menu forever, so best if someone points you directly to it while they’re here.

Two dollars plus tax gets you two malasadas plus sugar.  Fried to order, you get them piping hot and crunchy, not warm and crispy. Unlike the malasadas you’ll find in Hawaii, these have no fillings, so you’ll have to be content with just the dough.   On some days, the inside is almost custardy.  It reminds me of a beignet I had in Biloxi, Mississippi, sans powdered sugar.  It also reminds me a little bit of a freshly made churro at Salina’s Churro Truck.  Really, the take home message is: you cannot go wrong with fried dough rolled in sugar.

As I said, the Ghetto Malasadas currently are on this week’s specials menu, so they may or may not be there if you next week.  Womp womp.  Bonus mining tip for the womp’ed:  When/if the malasadas officially retire, try my favorite dessert at Chego, the Rock Yer Road.  You can’t go wrong with fried dough; neither can you with a little chocolate ice cream and marshmallow fluff.

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  1. OMG and HOLY CRAP that is right down the street from me! Must go shortly. And a point of order in regard to malasadas in Hawaii. I have never had a filled malasada in my life. That seems like blasphemy/appeasing the tourists. When we go visit my mom on maui, Home Maid Bakery is an important stop. 1 dozen regular!

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