Parking Is About To Get Worse

January 5, 2011 at 9:42 am in LA

Living within walking distance of Los Feliz Village means never having to park there (which is fortunate, considering you can’t park there for free anymore). And what’s more, I can easily walk to just about anywhere I want to go — grocery stores, Thai take-out, even the movies. So take that, seminal new wave band Missing Persons: Some people do walk in LA.

But occasionally I like to put on a pair of pants that don’t close with a drawstring and go out for a night on the town. Usually, this means shelling out a few bucks to park. And I always counted myself lucky that I didn’t live in one of those insanely expensive east coast cities that charges as much as $20 for a single evening of parking. But it looks like our luck is about to run out.

Mayor Villaraigosa has proposed a plan to lease several city-owned parking structures to private investors, and in turn allow the owners of other structures — in a move I don’t totally understand — to triple their rates over the next five years. That means the cost of parking for dinner and a movie at the Arclight Hollywood could go to ten bucks.

In a way, I’m relieved. More expensive parking means I’ll make more of an effort to find street parking somewhere in the vicinity and just walk to my destination. I don’t mind strolling a few blocks if I can leave my car in a decent neighborhood, and it prevents me from waiting for ten minutes behind some jackass who doesn’t care that he’s backing up traffic six cars deep because he absolutely has to have a spot that’s currently being vacated by some poor bastard who has to do a 13-point turn because the selfsame jackass is hovering four feet from his bumper.

The real down side is that I’m much less likely to be able to take part in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse wherein mysterious trench-coated men chase me through a parking garage.

I dunno. What do you think? How do you handle pain-in-the-butt parking situations? Street parking, like me? Take the bus? Or just pay the stupid fee?

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