Chai-Yok: Yes, You Can Get Your Vagina Steamed

January 3, 2011 at 9:26 am in LA

"Blue-Green" by Georgia O'Keeffe. I couldn't find any Judy Chicago prints in the public domain.

Disclaimer: I do not have a vagina.

But even so, I did perk up at the article in the LA Times headlined “Vaginal Steam Bath Finds a Place Among Southern California Spa Options.”

Seriously. It’s a new spa treatment, called “chai-yok” and imported from Korea, wherein you sit on a special stool over a hot vat of herbed water that steams out your flaps. Western medicine apparently doesn’t approve, but I ask you, what has western medicine ever done for us? Huh? Cured cancer yet, there, Doctor Mensa? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Go prescribe some Lipitor and get out of my face.

Anyway, it can — allegedly — clear up or prevent a whole host of ills, such as menstrual cramps, bladder infections, and even infertility. Naturally, as a male of the dudely gender, I didn’t really think I’d have much use for this.

But then I noticed this wonderful sentence: “The identical treatment is available for men, to steam the perineal area.” And after a hasty Google search of the term “perineal area,” I decided that this is something that I really, really want to do.

So: Should I try it? Has anyone out there done this? Ladies? Gentlemen? Leave your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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