The “Well That Blows” Edition Of Guess The Amount: Frond Farewells

In the wake of last night’s seriously strong winds (in which window rattling was the norm and some howling gusts blasted the north side of our Silver Lake house hard enough to make it creak and shrug and leave me fitfully dreaming about waking up atop the Wicked Witch of the East in the Land of Oz), I’m relieved to report that other than a potted plant or two, there was no damage sustained — and I hope the same can be said for you.

But of course, there was the inevitable “just put those anywhere” backyard redecorating our twin palms do with their never-ending supply of dead fronds, like so:

Which I then gathered into the following pile, all the better for you to take a guess in the comments how many there were and win the temporary adulation of all of us at (as well as perhaps some sort of semi-trivial prize):

Next comes the joy of bundling them into manageable sub-piles for a sanitation department bulky item pick-up date to be named later.

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