The Sad, Lonely Existence Of The Night Shifter

This evening, when I got excited because I realized my local WalMart is open 24 hours, I remembered how boring it can be to be a night shifter. I recently became a night shifter with my new job. I worked night shift briefly once before, but my girlfriend (now wife) worked days and most of my friends worked days, so I was constantly switching to accommodate to them. Now my wife also works nights, so that’s nice, but what do I do when I’m off and she’s not (which happens all too often)? And what do we do together for that matter? I have never been one to sit around the house. I mean, I have my days of lazy, but usually I love to just be outside.

Do we have any followers out there who work night shift? What do you do? I know I could go to a bar or club until 2am, but I have to be in the mood for that. I know there are some 24 hour diners, but what if I’m not hungry? I’m open to any ideas. It’s times like these where I wish I lived in a city like New York (except for the blizzard part), where there’s ALWAYS something to do.

Help me out fellow Angelenos!
(And if you know of something close to Long Beach, I’ll be extra, super special excited)

5 thoughts on “The Sad, Lonely Existence Of The Night Shifter”

  1. I’m a night shifter (evening shifter, really) right now — doing some contract work for a bank. I get out at 9pm and take mass transit home, and I don’t “do” much afterward cuz getting home is my main priority.

  2. Have you thought of going to the gym? There are the blindingly obvious gyms that are actually open 24/7. You totally avoid the 6am-9am or 5pm-7pm busy times. No wait times and least crowded after hours.

    Look into college libraries. Sure you’re probably closer to a mortgage than student loans but these places are a good place to get some reading, work, or whatever done in a quiet place. You can even sneak in and bring in coffee or small snack if you need to.

    Besides late night dinners, eating options can get interesting in the later times. Sure there are donut shops that never closed but have you had Korean BBQ at 2am? You can have anything you want at a Jewish deli in the Fairfax district or steak at or near downtown LA. Chinatown has several places that are open until 3am. Look into more ethnic hole-in-wall joints.

    You mentioned bars. Some have a second shift happy hour that’s from like 9pm to 11pm. McCormick’s the seafood place has one like it and there’s a few others just bars that do the same.

    Have fun being noctural!

  3. Thanks for the ideas Carmelo! As far as happy hour goes, I look for the bars that open at 6am. That’s our REAL happy hour (remember our 6pm is your 6am). Plus it’s always entertaining to see the people who woke up just to go to the bar at that time. I forgot about the ethnic places. They do tend to stay open later. I was hoping to avoid driving to the downtown area, but I may just have to suck it up. Plus at 2 or 3am, it’s only about 20 minutes away. Any others out there??

  4. Sadly there isn’t much going on in Long Beach that is 24 hours, but like you said, you’re really only 20 minutes away from everything in downtown la and orange county respectively. Food wise; the obvious choice is Shorehouse on 2nd but personally I like to drive out to Harbor House in Sunset Beach. If you want a good donut shop to visit at 3am, nothing beats Simone’s on Palo Verde and Stearns.

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