A Fitting End (Hopefully) to our Rainstorms

Not just one, but two rainbows, one of them perhaps the brightest and closest I’ve ever seen, ending at the Marina del Rey boat harbor.  Photo taken at about 3:30 pm today.  If it’s still grey or rainy where you are, it appears that sunshine is finally on the way.

4 thoughts on “A Fitting End (Hopefully) to our Rainstorms”

  1. It finally stopped raining around 6:00 so we missed both the rainbows and the chance at a nice sunset. Thanks for sharing at least one sign this relentless rain is over with.

  2. @Burns, I did a quick check on the Internet in response to your question, and came up with the following:

    –“a double rainbow is a sign from the cosmic Universe that you are about to have something great fall into your lap, and that one good thing will lead to another.”

    — “a double rainbow is the symbol of transformation.”

    But my favorite response is the “Best Answer” from that trusted information source, Yahoo! Answers:

    “It doesn’t mean anything. It means you’ve seen a double rainbow. That’s all. There is no special meaning.”

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