The Geffen Contemporary mural that wasn’t

If you’ve been following the matter of the MOCA mural that was commissioned, painted and then promptly painted over – it seems there is now an official statement as to why. DailyDuJour reports that Jeffery Deitch has responded to public criticism about the whitewashing noting that he felt the mural was inappropriate, but also that the museum didn’t receive any complaints about it before the decision to remove it was made.

3 thoughts on “The Geffen Contemporary mural that wasn’t”

  1. IF it wasn’t appropriate why was it put up in the first place? Certainly a proposal was submitted and approved somewhere along the line before the mural was put up. Who specifically bitched after the fact and caused its removal?

  2. As I mentioned in the post, no one complained. The Director of the museum decided it was inappropriate and ordered it removed. Chances are there was no proposal, as museums generally invite artists (as was done here) to do something – they don’t field proposals.

  3. Interesting, was working from my experiences with muralists and the hoops they have to go through to get approvals working from requests for submissions.

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