Sweet Charity:Blogging.LA’s Guide to Giving, a new Series.

Get ready for another series. In time for the Holidays we at blogging.la are putting together the “Sweet Charity:Bloggingl.LA’s Guide to Giving”. All of us here have been somehow touched but the need to give back to the community. We each have our own favorite charity, non-profit or other organization that we feel gives back to the community. There we devote our energy, time and money to help them meet their goals.

The series will profile those groups that we at Blogging.LA contribute to. You, the readers can chime in with those that you give time too as well. If its one you are particularly passionate about send me a couple of paragraphs as to why you believe in them and I’ll post it as part of the series giving you credit for identifying them. Send it to me at frazgo(at) mail (dot)com.

Helen Keller summed it up best: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”.

Join us this Holiday Season by celebrating those groups that have touched our hearts.

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  1. Hello:

    We are putting on a toy drive. It was decided on recently. We’ve done
    some brain storming, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the best
    way to get the word out about our event was to request the assistance
    of local blogs. We’re a non-profit organization requesting toys and
    donations for children ages infant to twelve. We’ve got lyricist
    Planet Asia, and others to perform at each location as my organization
    Team Party provides children in low socioeconomic areas with the gifts
    they missed on Christmas. Cali Genes, another non-profit, is also
    contributing as well as local people, and businesses.

    Team Party is of the philosophy that people are meant to celebrate.
    Our lives were designed to survive, and then celebrate the oxygen in
    our lungs. That the machine and the daily grind is destroying the
    spirits of those we love. We want to spread this message through
    several avenues, but our first attempt is a toy drive before the end
    of the holiday season.

    I am writing you in hopes that you could post a blurb about the event
    to raise awareness in the Los Angeles area that we are taking
    donations and toys for children ages infant to twelve, or donate
    directly. We will be
    giving the gifts all day on December 28th, and interested parties can
    follow us on twitter. We will be driving around. Giving quick
    performances, and offering the gifts. There is no set location, and no
    set plan once we set out other than bringing children joy.

    All interested parties may contact me directly.

    Thank you so much,
    Devin Falk
    [email protected]

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