Intros & Exits: A California DJ Project

This Saturday marks the beginning of a travelling DJ project known as “Intros & Exits.”  The goal is to set up in random spots all over Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Here’s a brief explanation:

“Ever wonder what it would be like to experience a club/lounge setting in a place that’s anything but loungey? That’s what our friend Jon Paul Joe asks with his Intros & Exits: An Outdoor DJ Project, which kicks off Saturday Dec. 18th. “Anyone in L.A. can sit in boulevard traffic and pay a wallet’s worth of cash to kick it in a Hollywood club. What we want to do is offer the same music in a decidedly unpretentious setting.” Far from the old-fashioned “rave” concept, Intros&Exits is non-profit and doesn’t require an audience. “The goal is to get out and play music in parts of the city and backcountry that would otherwise never hear a soundsystem. We have plans to play in the desert, and the redwoods when it gets warmer. We even have a set planned for the James Dean crash site in the middle of nowhere.” The first I&E event will be in a small parking lot in an industrial side of Glendale, near Burbank. The set will begin at sunset (4:30) and go until 9ish, with an afterparty nearby.

When: Sat Dec. 18th 4:30-9
Where: 1714 Standard Avenue, Glendale CA
Who: open minded chillsters looking for something different

more info at

I have known about this for about 2 months now and am super excited for it.  I hope you can make it down.  The more positive energy we can muster the greater the experience.

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